Vajrasattva purification practice 

Thursdays 7:00-8:00


In partnership with Urban Dharma in Asheville NC, this group practices the traditional Vajrasattva meditation and recitation as taught by Dorje Lopon Dr. Hun Lye. With the intention for the purification of negative karma, the practice includes recitation, visualization, mantra, and silent sitting. The group meets weekly, with a teaching on skype by Dr. Lye every other week. 

For more information: contact Melissa Gill (, ph: 520-425-2773, or Karen Wisdom (, ph: 501-681-2895)



About Dr. Hun Lye

Dorje Lopon Dr. Lye’s Buddhist education took place both in Asia and the West, academic as well as religious. Having grown up in Malaysia and studied under Buddhist teachers of various traditions in and from Asia, Dr. Hun Lye also has a doctoral degree in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia. As such, Dr. Lye’s teaching style incorporates the best of both worlds – often offering a combination of a fresh, engaging and critical look at the material with an honest, heartfelt and personal approach.

Dr. Lye is the founder and spiritual director of Urban Dharma NC, an innovative, growing Buddhist community in Asheville, NC. and he offers teachings and retreats in Malaysia, North and South America, including EBS Little Rock.