About EBS

Our Mission:

To foster the ecumenical study and practice of Buddhism, grounded in mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion.

Our Code of Conduct

The EBS community has approved a new Code of Conduct that all members, practice leaders, and volunteers will personally adopt when participating in programs at EBS

Our program offerings include:

  • Tibetan Vajrayana practices of Nyingma, Kagyu and Sakya schools

  • Zen practices of Kwan Um, Soto, and Mindfulness in the Plum Village tradition

  • Theravada practice of Vipassana

  • Silent Meditation sessions, 15 half-hour sessions per week

  • Buddhist Recovery program on Sunday afternoons

  • Yoga classes twice a week

  • Weekend retreat programs lead by senior teachers in all traditions

Donations are tax deductible:

The Ecumenical Buddhist Society of Little Rock is a tax-exempt religious organization supported entirely through donations from people attending our programs and services.

EBS Bookstore:

Offers hard-to-find Buddhist books and practice materials including incense, statues, malas, and other Dharma-related items. Special orders and gift certificates are available. 

Our History:

In the early 1980's a group of people meditating in a variety of traditions began to meet at the Unitarian/Universalist Church and sponsor Vipassana retreats. At the same time, Anna Cox was bringing Tibetan Buddhist Lamas (primarily from the Gelukpa tradition) and other Tibet-related events to Little Rock. In 1990, Jay McDaniel began bringing Keido Fukushima Roshi for an annual Zen retreat and lecture at Hendrix College in Conway.

These groups began to cooperate. Later, they formed the Ecumenical Buddhist Society and elected a board of directors. The name was chosen because the members did not want the organization to represent just one tradition.

In the early 1990's, Charles Hicks offered the beautifully renovated carriage house behind his Gans Place law firm offices for the EBS meditation center. In 2005 the community outgrew the carriage house and moved to 1015 Second Street. In 2013 EBS moved to its current location at 1516 W. 3rd Street.

About Our Building here

Board of Directors (2019)

Cheryl Woodard, President  

Mike Mueller, Vice President  

Lisa Kessler, Treasurer

John Matlock, Secretary

Christopher Beaumont

Charlotte Besch

Doug Holmes

Betsy Johnson

June Stewart

Mick Wiggins

Karen Wisdom


Contacting EBS

1516  West 3rd Street
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States    72201

T:  501-376-7056 (voicemail)
E:  ebs@aristotle.net

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