Welcome to EBS!

We welcome visitors from all paths to come and explore everything we offer here at EBS.  All of our regularly scheduled events here are free and open to the public.  


90-minute classes about meditation and basic Buddhist teachings to help newcomers learn about meditation and Buddhism.

Free, Daily Meditation Sessions

Regular times for 1/2 hour silent meditation practice in a group setting.

Events and Programs

One-time workshops, movie nights and potluck suppers providing opportunities to socialize and explore common interests.

Traditional Buddhist Practice Groups

Organized, ongoing groups following specific Buddhist traditions and teachers from Zen, Theravada, or Tibetan lineages.


We love to hear from visitors!  Feel free to email any contact names you find on our site with your questions or comments.


What hours are you open?

EBS is open only during classes, meditation sessions, events and programs and Buddhist practice sessions as detailed on our calendar. You are welcome to visit then, or schedule a visit by contacting mick@mickwiggins.com.  At this time, we do not have regular office hours at the center.

Is there a cost to attend a practice session or class?

All of our regularly scheduled meditation sessions, Buddhist practices and classes are free.  Occasionally we will host a visiting teacher for a special event, such as a meditation retreat, and there will be a fee to cover costs. This will be clearly noted on our web site.  Of course, as a member supported community, we gratefully accept donations.

Do I need to schedule a reservation to attend a class or meditation session?

While it is not necessary, it helps us to know what to expect when setting up for a class or session. On our calendar there are contact email addresses you can use to give us a heads up.  If you are visiting for the first time, it is advised to come 10 or 15 minutes early and introduce yourself to the person leading the event.  They can show you around, and explain the details of what is to follow.  

Do I need to bring anything, or wear anything special?

No, we have everything you need here, and as for clothing, just wear something comfortable.