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The Ecumenical Buddhist Society of Little Rock is a non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

Welcome To EBSLR.org

The purpose of the Ecumenical Buddhist Society is to provide a place where anyone can meditate with others on a daily or weekly basis, to bring Buddhist teachers, retreats, classes, and social events to the Little Rock area and to help provide ways to explore different branches and practices of Buddhist philosophy. See our weekly practice schedule here.

Events & News

Recent Topics:

Pilgrimage Talk and Potluck - March 21st at 6:30 pm

The March Newsletter is here!

EBS Financial Support - We Need Your Help!

April and May Half-Day Sits - Saturday April 4th and May 7th Noon to 3:00 pm

Petit Jean Retreat April 15-19 with Therese Fitzgerald

Buddhism from the Start: A Video Lecture and Discussion Series Starting May 11

Day of Mindfulness - Friday and Saturday, June 5th-6th

2015 EBS Board of Directors

New Silent Sitting Practices every weekday at 11:30 am!

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh's Health

Pilgrimage Talk & Potluck
Saturday, March 21 — 6:30 to 9 pm

6:30 p.m.—Pot Luck
Bring vegetarian food you would like to share.

7:00 p.m.—Talk by Ellis Widner
and film on Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan.

Ellis Widner will talk about the meaning of pilgrimage and how this can enhance your practice. A pilgrimage is a ritual journey with a hallowed purpose. Every step along the way has meaning. A pilgrimage is not a vacation; it is a transformational journey during which significant change takes place. New insights are given. Deeper understanding is attained. On return from the pilgrimage, life is seen with different eyes.

After Ellis’ talk, an hour long program will be shown on the Buddhist pilgrimage on the Japanese island of Shikoku from the PBS series, Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler. Shikoku is the birthplace of the most revered figure in Japanese Buddhism, the monk and teacher Kobo-Daishi, who brought a populist form of Buddhism to Japan from China in the 9th century. For hundreds of years, a 750-mile pilgrimage route has circled this mountainous island, connecting 88 separate temples and shrines that claim connection to Daishi. Each leg of the journey represents a state of the path to nirvana. The pilgrimage has an annual participation of 200,000 people.

March Newsletter

Click Here to see the March Newsletter

We Need Your Help!

Lotus and Hand

Recurring monthly pledges provide us the basis for effectively managing our finances at EBS. A core group of people give $50 every month, on average, by way of recurring payments through Paypal, credit card, Bill Pay or by check. Some of these “Sustainers" give as little as $10 per month, and some give significantly more. Any pledge amount is welcome.

We recently lost some of sustaining donors when people moved out of the area, or their life circumstances significantly changed. The loss of these supporters is meaningful to EBS, and now we need your help. If you are not already making a regular donation to EBS, please consider what you can do. Our current goal is find a dozen new sustaining donors.

Please follow this link to our new donations page and make your own pledge to helping support the Buddha’s teachings here in Arkansas.

Thank you!

April and May Half-Day Sits -
Saturday April 4th and May 7th from Noon to 3:00 pm

There will be a half day session (3 hours) of sitting and walking meditation practice held at EBS on Saturday, April 4th and May 7th from Noon till 3:00 pm. There is no cost, and there will be set 10 minute breaks before each hour (at 12:50 and 1:50) to allow people to join later or leave earlier if they have other commitments. Each hour will consist of 40 minutes of sitting meditation and 10 minutes of walking meditation. At 3:00, after the formal sit is over, we will have tea and an informal Dharma chat on topics of interest to the group.

Awareness Now
Petit Jean Retreat April 15-19
with Therese Fitzgerald

The Far Flung Sanga is hosting a retreat titled "Awareness Now" April 15-19 with Therese Fitzgerald.

Click Here for the flyer with all the details!

Buddhism from the Start: A Video Lecture and Discussion Series
Starting May 11

Time: 7-9 p.m. lecture and discussion

Place: EBS Meditation Center

Cost: Your kind and generous donation supports EBS and makes educational programs possible. Thank you!

Monday, May 11:
What is Buddhism
India at the Time of the Buddha

Monday, May 18
The Doctrine of Reincarnation
The Story of the Buddha

Monday, May 25
All is Suffering—The Path to Nirvana

Monday, June 8
The Buddhist Monastic Community
Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia

Monday, June 15
Mahayana Buddhism and the Bodhisattva
Ideal—Celestial Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

Monday, June 22
Emptiness (last lecture)
Fullness (potluck dinner to close the series)

Buddhism from the Start features video-lectures by Dr. Malcolm David Eckel, with group discussion of Buddhist concepts. At Boston University, Eckel is professor of religion and directs the Institute for Philosophy and Religion; he is author of two books on Buddhism.

Each program includes an hour of video lecture by Eckel, discussion by participants, and tea breaks as needed. The topics provide an understanding of our tradition’s roots and the early evolution of Buddhist philosophy. David Eckel helps clarify some of the mysteries we in the West may have as we establish our ground in Buddhism.

Meditation practice is not included in the lecture presentations. However, there is meditation practice at 6:00 p.m. preceding the lectures. You are welcome to attend practice or then help setup for the presentation at 7:00.

There is no charge for the series, but please remember that donations make it possible for EBS to maintain our meditation center and offer educational programs for all. We hope you’ll come!

For more information on the series, contact Eileen Oldag at neale.oldag@netzero.net, Subject: EBS lecture series.

Thich Nhat Hanh.jpg Day of Mindfulness 2015
Friday June 5 and Saturday June 6

At the Ecumenical Buddhist Society
Meditation Center
1516 W. Third Street, Little Rock, AR

Community Talk Friday, June 5, 7:00p
All are welcome
Suggested donation: $10 to $15 payable at the door

Day of Mindfulness 2015, Saturday, June 6, 8:30a to 4:30p
Mindfulness Minute to Minute: Make Your Life a Meditation

Registration Fee: $65; includes vegan lunch
Space is limited…you are encouraged to register in advance using registration form available here.

Scholarships available; contact Eileen Oldag at neale.oldag@netzero.net

The noble monastics of Magnolia Grove Meditation Practice Center return to lead a Day of Mindfulness in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. You are invited to participate in a full day of meditation, Dharma discussion and spiritual reflection. The retreat will expand understanding of mindfulness and meditation, through which we can create a world of inner peace and outward compassion. The retreat is appropriate for the experienced and those new to meditation.

Registration form here

Participants are asked to bring these items with them:
• Cushion and mat for meditation (chairs are provided for those who prefer chairs)
• Blanket or pad for deep relaxation…one of the real treats of the day
• Sweaters or layered clothing to adapt to indoor and outdoor temperatures
• Cup/mug for drinks
• Personal snacks for morning

Out-of-town participants:
If you are traveling from a distance, it may be helpful to arrive Friday afternoon and enjoy the community talk. You may wish to search motels near ZIP code 72201. There is a range of lodging around our downtown location.

2015 EBS Board of Directors

At the January Annual EBS Society meeting (an excellent gathering that had plenty of good food and fellowship!), three new members, Andrea Bevernitz, John Matlock, and Mick Wiggins were elected to the board.

The members of the 2015 EBS Board of Directors are:

• Doug Holmes, President
email: doug.holmes.42@gmail.com

• Charlotte Besch, Vice President
email: cabesch@midsouth.ualr.edu

• Cheryl Woodard, Treasurer
email: cheryl@publishingbiz.com

• Melissa Gill, Secretary
email: meegill@gmail.com

• Doug Barton
email: douglaskbarton@gmail.com

• Andrea Bevernitz

• Lisa Kessler

• John Matlock

• Mick Wiggins

• Karen Wisdom

New Silent Sitting Practices every weekday at 11:30 am!

There is now a Silent Sitting practice every weekday from 11:30 to noon in the main meditation hall. It is led by Mick Wiggins mick@mickwiggins.com

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh's Health

The River Valley Sangha's teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, has had a stroke. Updates are available at the Plum Village website.. Other sites for information are langmai.org, villagedespruniers.org, and www.facebook.com/thichnhathanh.

Join the Discussion on Facebook

EBS has a lively discussion of Buddhist practice, books, and events on Facebook.
• See our link at www.facebook.com/groups/ebslr

New Time for EBS Board Meetings

The meeting times for the monthly meetings for the EBS Board of Directors will be on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:00pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Doug Holmes at doug.holmes.42@gmail.com.

Introduction to Buddhism

The class takes place on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at EBS Center. This is an excellent starting place for people with little or no knowledge about Buddhism. One of our members will present some history of Buddhism and talk about the different traditions of practice. Meditation technique is also covered. These sessions are very informal and questions are welcomed.

If you plan to attend, kindly please let us know by sending an email to ebs@aristotle.net and be sure to include the number of attendees. Advanced registration is requested, but not required. We look forward to having you!

Upcoming dates:
• Monday, January 5th
• Monday, February 2nd
• Monday, March 2nd
• Monday, April 6th
• Monday, May 4th

Donate Online

We are now accepting pledges and donations online through our donation page. If you would like to make a one time donation or even setup monthly donations to EBS using your credit card, PayPal account or bank account you can now do that through our website.

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Loving Kindness Request
If you would like prayers offered for a loved one or to make request for assistance in times of need, please click the link "Loving Kindness Request" above to send an email. Give us a few details about your situation and someone will contact you.